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History of the Band

Part 1

From the autobiographical pen of the band's founder, Edric A. Loomis

1946 was the year most of the local boys were returning from the WWII, including myself. Many were good friends with whom I had been associated in music prior to the war years. I joined the American Legion Post in St. Albans and came across an old friend named Henry Press, who was a Lt. Col. in the Vermont National Guard.

Well, Henry and I got together one day following the war years when all the boys were arriving back in town. I mentioned to Henry, "We could have a great American Legion Band with all the guys coming home". He immediately agreed.

Henry, being an army officer and having influence among the American Legion officials, got approved for sponsorship of a band. So he told me to go ahead and muster as many of the boys as I could for a meeting at the Legion Hall. We ended up with about 50 musicians. We elected officers and I was elected conductor. The Legion Post appropriated $1000.00 per year for music, equipment, and instruments. The year was 1947. We immediately started playing concerts in Taylor Park drawing huge crowds, as well as playing at events around the county.

Well in 1948 the new commander coming to take over the St. A. Legion Post decided he didn't want to spend any more money on the band, but use those funds to support Legion sport activities instead. The band was reformed in 1949 and called St. Albans Citizens Band.

Sepia toned picture of American Legion Band

American Legion Band, 1947

Directors of the Band

Jeremy Berger (2016 - present)
Kevin Loomis (2003 - 2016)
Edric A. Loomis (1947 - 2003)

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